SOAR Treatment Agreement

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SOAR Treatment Agreement

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I understand and agree to the following treatment conditions:

  • On-time attendance is required for all individual and group therapy sessions, unless prior permission to be late or miss a session is given by treatment or legal supervising officer (PO), or in the case of emergency or illness. Documentation of emergency or medical appointment to treat illness may be required for tardiness or absence to be excused.
  • Participation in both individual and group therapy is a requirement.
  • Respectful and safe communication and behavior in all interactions with agency staff, therapists, and other SOAR participants must always be maintained; failure to do so may result in probationary status or immediate termination from the program.
  • Substance use, including but not limited to tobacco is prohibited during individual and group therapy and anywhere on CFD premises.
  • Cell phones and other personal electronic devices are to be turned off and stored away during individual and group therapy sessions.
  • Confidentiality must always be maintained. This includes the identities of all past and current SOAR participants and group members, any other individuals discussed during participation in the SOAR program, and all content and written work discussed in group.
  • Honesty is a key part of success in this treatment program and is required.
  • Written safety plans are required for trips outside the 35-mile range of the individual's home address and any activity where there is the potential to come in contact with minors (those under the age of 18). For a list of additional activities requiring a safety plan, refer to the SOAR packet. It is the individual’s responsibility to ask their therapist if they are uncertain about an activity that may need a safety plan. They need to ask prior to engaging in the activity.
  • Individuals are not to use social media unless they have a written approved safety plan prior to doing so. Approval is granted on a case-by-case basis, depending upon each client’s specific risks, needs, and conditions.
  • Individuals are not to browse, use, access, or otherwise engage with any dating or other similar websites or apps or use any other websites for the purpose of meeting or dating (including but not limited to such platforms as Craigslist, etc.).
  • Individuals are not to become involved in a romantic relationship or engage in any sexual activities with another person without prior written approval from treatment and their PO. The approval process includes completing a full disclosure of the offense(s), risks, and legal and treatment conditions to the perspective partner in the presence of the SOAR therapist and receiving written treatment and PO approval of the perspective partner prior to starting the romantic relationship or any sexual activities.
  • Individuals are not to engage in a romantic relationship or any sexual activities with anyone who has minor children.
  • Check-in sheets are to be completed in full and submitted on a weekly basis.
  • Individuals are responsible for all treatment costs not covered by a third-party payer, including any monthly and testing fees. Individual understands that account balances over 60 days past due will result in termination from the program. Individuals utilizing the monthly fee arrangement are responsible for paying the full monthly fee, regardless of the number of services they attended in that month. All balances due will need to be paid in full before an individual can graduate from the program.
  • Individuals are not to use pornographic or sexually stimulating materials or engage in sexually harmful behaviors.
  • The SOAR program requires polygraph exams for treatment planning and assessing compliance with treatment conditions. Polygraph exams will include a full sexual history, two or more maintenance polygraphs per year, and if needed, a specific incident exam. Polygraph reports are shared with the individual’s PO.
  • Arousal assessments are part of treatment when indicated.
  • Timely completion of all treatment projects and supplemental assignments determined by the therapist as necessary is required.


Confidentiality of all SOAR program participants must always be maintained. This includes all content and written work discussed in therapy by current or past SOAR participants.

I understand that the identities of all current and past SOAR participants are to be kept confidential. I understand confidential to mean that I will not disclose to anyone outside of the group I attend any information which could, in any way, be used to identify another SOAR participant or a current or former SOAR group member. I agree to hold all such information as confidential. I also agree to hold confidential the identities and persons named or discussed in group.

Failure to participate with honesty, to complete weekly check-in sheets, projects, supplemental assignments, and polygraphs in a timely manner, to comply with treatment or legal conditions, to demonstrate reasonable and consistent progress, or to maintain confidentiality may result in immediate termination from the program.

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