MH Program Data Packet

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MH Program Data Packet

**Please complete this form for the person who is receiving services.**

Legal Name:   Last Name at Birth:

Preferred name:    Date of Birth:  

Name of person completing form (if other than client):

Name and relationship of referral source:  

Physical Address:    City, State, Zip:

Mailing Address (if different):    City, State, Zip:  

Contact Information

Primary phone number:    Number belongs to:

Primary phone type:

OK to leave a message?

OK to identify we are calling from CFD?

Alternate phone number:    Number belongs to:

Alternate phone type:

OK to leave a message?

OK to identify we are calling from CFD?

How would you like to receive appointment confirmations?

Send confirmations to:

By marking yes to receive appointment confirmations by text in the box above, I request that confirmation of my appointments be done by text message. I understand I will not receive confirmation by telephone calls. If my text message number changes, I will notify CFD. I am aware that information contained in text messages cannot always be guaranteed to remain confidential due to the limitations of electronic media.

Gender as Specified on Insurance:

Gender Self-Identification, if different:

Preferred pronouns:  



Living Status

Tribal Member:

If yes, enter Tribe Name:

Marital Status:

Tobacco Use:

If yes, which type(s)?

Smoking Status


Preferred Language:

Is a translator needed?

Military Status: Are you currently serving in the military?

Legal Issues

Arrest History

Number of Arrests in Past Month:    Total Arrests:
Number of DUII Arrests in Past Month:    Total DUII Arrests:

Substance Use in Last 90 Days:

Employment Status

Education:          Highest grade completed:

Household Income

Estimated gross household yearly income: $

Number of people supported by household income (including self):

Number of child dependents (ages 0-17 supported by household income):

Principle Income Source

Emergency Contact Information

Name:    Relationship:

Address:    Phone number:

Medical Information

Primary Care Physician’s Name (PCP):

Phone:    Fax:

When was the last time you saw your PCP?

Dentist’s Name:

Phone:    Fax:

Psychiatrist/Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Name:

Phone:    Fax:

Describe any birth and early childhood complications, medical problems, or developmental delays:

In the last year have you utilized other social service agencies (e.g. DHS Child Welfare, Self Sufficiency, Social Security)?

If yes, where:

In the last year have you accessed other behavioral health provider agencies like Center for Family Development?

If yes, where:

Please list current drug/alcohol and/or gambling services:

Please list previous mental health, drug/alcohol and/or gambling services:

Please list any problems you are having at this time:

Women Only

Are you pregnant?

If pregnant, are you receiving prenatal care?

If yes, who if your prenatal healthcare provider?

Phone:    Fax:

Leave this empty:

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