Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS)

Abnormal Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS)

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  1. Muscles of Facial Expression e.g. movements of forehead, eyebrows, periorbital area, cheeks, including frowning, blinking, smiling, grimacing
  2. Lips and Perioral Area e.g. puckering, pouting, smacking
  3. Jaw Biting, clenching, chewing, chewing, mouth opening, lateral movement
  4. Tongue Rate only increases in movement both in and out of mouth. NOT inability to sustain movement. Darting in and out of mouth
  5. Upper (arms, wrists, hands, fingers) Include choreic movements (i.e. rapid objectively purposeless, irregular, spontaneous) athetoid, movements. DO NOT INCLUDE TREMOR (i.e. repetitive, regular, rhythmic)
  6. Lower (legs, knees, ankles, toes) Lateral knee movement, foot tapping, heel dropping, foot squirming, inversion and eversion of foot
  7. Neck, shoulders and hips Rocking, twisting, squirming, pelvic gyrations
  8. Severity of abnormal movements overall
  9. Incapacitation due to abnormal movements
  10. Patient's awareness of abnormal movements. Rate only patients report:
  11. Current problems with teeth and/or dentures?
  12. Are dentures usually worn?
  13. Endentia?
  14. Do movements disappear with sleep?

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